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            As-510 系列

            Basic Composition
            Fuel Cell Analyzer As-510-4
            Impedance Analyzing Unit As-510-IMU
            System Software
            Multiple ways to measure and evaluate power generation characteristics

            High-performance analyzerfor testing various power generation characteristics

            Powerful impedance measurement (As-510-IMU required)

            Measurement of electrical polarity using cyclic voltammetry (As-510-CVM required)

            Revolutionary automatic estimation of internal equivalent circuits (As-510-Z required)

            Automated measurement system for improved test reproducibility

            The system comprises a fuel cell power generation analyzer, an impedance analyzing unit, and system software. It can simultaneously measure impedance characteristics as well as current and voltage characteristics of a fuel cell’s anode cathode, and reference electrode.This automated measuring system allows detailed analyses of fuel cell internal response processes.

            Suitable for testing fuel cells equipped with a reference electrodes.
            Provides detailed analysis of fuel cell internal conditions.
            Simultaneously measurement of impedance characteristics as well as current and voltage characteristics of anode, cathode, and reference electrode.

            Support for a variety of measurements
            Measurement of current and voltage characteristics (Tafel plots)
            Membrane resistance measurement using current interruption method and step method (PAT.P.)
            Impedance measurement (Cole-Cole plots, Bode plots, As-510-IMU required)
            Constant current/constant voltage measurement, OCV measurement
            Measurement of electrical polarity characteristics using cyclic voltammetry and linear sweep voltammetry (As-510-CVM required)
            Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) (As-510-CVM required)

            Supports automated sequential testing using sets of tests selected by the user.

            System software supports quantitative evaluation and measurement with a high degree of reproducibility.
            Control of individual devices
            Real-time display of measurement results
            Graphical display functions (allows simultaneous display or superimposed display of multiple graphs)
            Automated testing program

            Fuel cell analyzing software (As-510-Z) is available for more detailed analysis of internal fuel cell conditions.
            Automatic equivalent circuit estimation based on impedance measurement results
            Analysis of catalyst characteristics based on electrode characteristic measurement results

            Custom systems can be constructed for specific applications.
            Please contact us for details.

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