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            As-510 系列
            For quantitative evaluation of fuel cell characteristics.

            This software performs automated equivalent circuit estimation by means of a proprietary algorithm that uses curve fitting on the impedance measurement results. This allows quantitative evaluation and analysis of the fuel cells' internal impedance. It also calculates the catalyst active area with a voltammogram derived from measurements of electrode characteristic. This allows a quantitative assessment of the catalyst activation level. The As-510-Z software provides support for detailed analysis of fuel cell characteristics.

            Quantitative evaluation of internal fuel cell impedance using curve fitting and automated equivalent circuit estimation

            Analysis of catalyst response, using voltammogram


            Performs automated estimation of equivalent circuits from impedance measurement results, with no need for the user to input initial settings.
            Also supports estimates based on user-defined models.

            Simulates the response of equivalent circuits specified by the user.

            Simulates response at different frequencies without actual measurement.

            Calculates the catalyst active area via a voltammogram, making possible quantitative assessment of the activation level.

            Supports the following circuit elements:
            R, L, C, R//C, R//L, R//L//C, Zw, CPE, R.Zw//C, R.CPE//C, R//CPE

            As-510-Z System Requirements

            Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP Professional
            CPU: Pentium 800MHz or above
            CD-ROM drive: Required for installation
            Pointing device: Required
            Display: SVGA, 1,024 768 pixels and 256 colors or more

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