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            As-114B / As-128 / As-130

            System Structure

            Characteristics tester for cold cathode fluorescent lamps (Main unit) ..... 1 unit
            Test bench for cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL test bench) .......... 1 unit
            Accessory kit (CCFL clip terminals, connection cable (3m) between main unit and CCFL test bench, test bench high voltage cable, etc.)

            Main Unit

            Test Bench

            Power Supply Section

            Output Frequency
            25kHz to 100kHz, Accuracy : ±1% of set value
            0.1kHz step variable, sine wave
            External Signal Input*
            25kHz to 100kHz, sine wave
            Output Voltage As-114 B : 3kVrms(high on one end), 3kVrms(high on both ends)
            As-128 : 4kVrms(high on one end), 4kVrms(high on both ends)
            As-130 : 4kVrms(high on one end), 6kVrms(high on both ends)
            Output Current 20mArms
            Output Voltage
            Distortion Factor
            Within 5% (25kHz to 100kHz)
            CV Mode Constant voltage mode that controls the output voltage Vo at a constant value.
            CC Mode
            Constant current mode that controls the lamp current I at a constant value.
            Vds Mode The mode that measures the lighting start voltage and discharge time log.

            Voltage Measurement Section (Vo, V)

            AC Monitor
            Gain 1/1000
            Accuracy ±3% of the full scale*1
            Indicator Display Range
            As-114B : 0 to 3000Vrms, 0 to 9999Vp-p
            As-128: 0 to 4000Vrms, 0 to 9999Vp-p
            As-130: 0 to 6000Vrms, 0 to 9999Vp-p
            Accuracy ±3% of the full scale

            Current Measurement Section (I)

            AC Monitor
            Gain 1Vrms/10mArms
            Accuracy ±3% of the full scale
            Indicator Display Range
            0 to 20.00mArms
            Accuracy ±3% of the 20mArms

            CCFL Test Bench

            Acceptable Lamp*2
            As-114B : 50mm to 1200mm
            As-128: 50mm to 1500mm
            As-130: 50mm to 1500mm
            External Inverter
            Voltage and current can be measured by using an
            external inverter.

            General Items

            Power Supply
            AC 100V(AC110V, 200V or 220V is available) ±10%,
            48Hz to 62Hz
            Power Consumption As-114B : 600VA or lower, As-128 : 800VA or lower,
            As-130: 1000VA or lower
            Main Unit
            0 to +40ºC, 10 to 85% RH
            CCFL Test
            -25ºC*3 to +105ºC, 0 to 95% RH
            Maximum wet bulb temperature: 38ºC
            GPIB Interface
            Reads Vo, VR, and I values,
            Switches among CV, CC, and Vds modes,
            Switches V rms/p-p, turns on/off high voltage output
            Shock Guard Function
            The high voltage output is cut off when the CCFL test
            bench cover is opened.
            Withstand Voltage Between power input pairs and others: AC 1500V,
            1 minute
            Insulating Resistance Between power input pairs and others: 50Mω or
            higher at DC 500V
            *1 : The full scale value : 3Vrms with As-114B, 4Vrms with As-128, 6Vrms with As-130.
            The output voltage is calibrated with our High voltage divider.
            *2 : CCFL test bench can be manufactured according to customer's request of CCFL's length and shape.
            *3 : We can also make a test bench that functions at -30ºC.

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