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            As-114B / As-128 / As-130

            General tester that consists of a CCFL test bench and a main unit containing a power supply section and a measurement section.

            The power supply section of the main unit outputs 0 to 6000Vrms*1 and 20mArms.
            The measurement section measures output voltage (Vo), lamp voltage (V), and lamp current (I) with a measurement accuracy of ±3%.

            Equipped with a CV (constant voltage) mode and a CC (constant current) mode for driving CCFLs.

            Equipped with a Vds mode that measures the lighting start voltage and discharge time log.

            The CCFL test bench is designed taking high voltage and high frequency into consideration, so that the electrical influence on CCFLs will be minimized.

            The CCFL test bench being apart from the main unit allows CCFL characteristic tests to be performed in a constant-temperature bath at -25ºC*2 to +105ºC.

            We can make the CCFL test bench to accept both straight and bent lamps.

            Equipped with an external inverter input terminal, Vo, V, and I can also be measured by actually driving an inverter to light CCFLs.

            *1 : 3000Vrms to 6000Vrms, depending on the model.
            *2 : A test bench that can withstand a temperature of -30ºC can be also made.

            CCFL Characteristic (V-I Characteristics)

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